Article - Get festive with an eco summer holiday

Get festive with an eco summer holiday

The summer holiday is a time for lots of Kiwi traditions that help us re-charge. We get to spend time outdoors enjoying the sun, we can catch up with friends and family, and indulge in some good food and extra sleep. And with more time than usual available, there are lots of activities that can make the holiday not just festive and relaxing, but healthy and kind to the planet as well.

We’ve taken the time to pull together some suggestions for a healthier, greener Christmas. We’d love to hear your suggestions too, so do leave us a comment and share your ideas!

1. Get outdoors

A kid friendly bush walk or a trip to a beach that’s off the beaten track are two great ways to get back to nature over summer. After all, one of the best ways to develop an appreciation for nature and the need to protect the planet from harm is to and find some unspoiled places you want to stay that way.

2. Get crafty with objects from nature

While you’re out on these walks, take the chance to collect things you can use to make things later as a family. They might be as simple as a tree collage or some painted rocks you can display around your home. Or you might want to set your sights a bit higher if you’re making gifts from the objects you find, such as a Christmas wreath or a bird feeder.

Here are a couple of sites with some really creative eco craft ideas:

3. Visit the local farmers market and enjoy some good food

Shopping at a nearby farmers market is a great way to support local producers and also to buy what’s in season and reduce the miles travelled by imported items. Delicious stone fruit like cherries and apricots are great ingredients for summer recipes in New Zealand. Why not try this amazing cherry cake recipe by Zoe Salmen, or Danielja Unkovich’s summer fruit crumble?

4. Give well

It’s the season to give, but gift choices don’t necessarily mean joining the hordes at the mall or buying up large online. If you and the family have made some cool nature crafts, or you’ve made some treats using the in season produce you’ve shopped for, they can add a personal touch to gifts that people might really appreciate. It’s also a great time to find things you can donate to families who might not otherwise be able to give presents – such as clothing you no longer need, or food you could offer to a food bank.

5. Treat yourself as well as others

Many of us are fortunate to have an extended amount of time off work in the Christmas holidays, so it’s an ideal opportunity to fit in the things you love that contribute to self care. It could be as simple as a nap in the middle of the day or a walk that’s a bit longer than usual because you don’t have to rush home.

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