Article - How plants support your family’s Winter immunity

How plants support your family’s Winter immunity

Building a strong and efficient immune system underpins your health, and with the cooler months looming, building immune strength now is simply a good idea.

We often reach for vitamin C supplements and probiotics at the first sign of winter ills, overlooking the support that plants can give us not only when feeling under the weather but as preventive support before we come down with winters worst. Prevention is always better than a cure, right?

While traditional plant based therapeutics can provide some vitamins and minerals, they work differently because the active phytocompounds (plant chemicals) in them work specifically on different pathways and organs within the body. Boosting your immune defence daily with immune-strengthening plants such as Thyme and Echinacea supports your immune health at a cellular level. What’s more, they have been used for generations and are well documented in official pharmacopoeias as suitable for children.

Let’s discover a little more about these powerful herbs:


  • Naturally rich in antioxidants
  • A powerful antiseptic herb that contains essential oils to support the fight against immune system invaders
  • Helps build immunity
  • Endorsed by the official Commission E monograph and major pharmacopoeias


  • One of the most prevalent plants used in traditional healthcare to support healthy immune function
  • Supports the natural multiplication of white cells (the cells of the immune system that are involved in protecting the body against foreign invaders!)
  • Renowned for supporting the upper respiratory tract – your immune system’s first line of defense

These traditional therapeutic plants go beyond nutrition to support your immune health. They contain active constituents that help balance and strengthen your organs and help your body to function optimally. When used daily, and alongside other immune strengthening fundamentals (see below), you can be sure that you are supporting yourself and your family in the best way possible leading up to winter.

Immune strengthening fundamentals

  1. Use traditional plant therapeutics preventatively (and acutely, as required)
  2. Stay hydrated and eat a well-balanced diet rich in plants and fresh produce
  3. Stay active but also allow your body time to recover from exercise
  4. Limit stress and take time to rest



This article is not intended to substitute for medical advice. For any concerns, consult your health professional. Sandra is a health scientist, registered medical herbalist, and founder of plant medicine company Artemis

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