Article - Powerful cleaners join our laundry range

Powerful cleaners join our laundry range

Ever have one of those spaghetti sauce vs white T-shirt moments? How about an unplanned slide in the grass, or a bit of chocolate melted into your clothes?

These are the kind of tough stains we’ve created our new Extra Clean laundry range for. With a unique blend of plant based enzymes, Extra Clean offers at least 25% more cleaning power to fight these stains, and others like sweat, egg, ice cream, dressings, milk and blood.


Our Extra Clean laundry powder (which has a fresh lemon scent) and laundry soaker (fragrance free) are in stores now, and we’ll be adding a laundry liquid mid next year.

Like our other laundry products, we leave out nasties like optical brighteners (which give the illusion of whiter clothes but are slow to break down in the environment), phosphates (which may also harm aquatic life) and synthetic dyes (a potential skin irritant).

One of the members of our consumer testing panel said the new powder was “just as good as any other laundry powder I’ve ever used, if not better.”

As with natural essential oils, a tiny portion of the population may be sensitive to enzymes (less than 0.2%). In this case we recommend our ultra-sensitive laundry range.

Why not give our Extra Clean products a try and leave a comment telling us what you think?

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