Article - Try our new kids range for safer bath time fun

Try our new kids range for safer bath time fun

With foam to the max, and bubbles for a bit of trouble making, ecostore’s new kids range makes bath time more fun than ever!

We’re introducing a 3 n 1 conditioning shampoo and body wash for awesome convenience and value, with over 500 pumps that kids can use themselves. Alongside the Double Trouble Bubble Maker bubble bath and a fantastically foamy handwash, the range opens a whole new world limited only by kids’ imagination.

We’ve already had some great feedback from early product users:

“It was fun for the kids to use, they even decided to wash themselves for the first time. Definitely made bath time easier!”

“My kids love dispensing products themselves and found the packaging easy to use, with the right amount of product being dispensed at any one time.”

If you’ve been using our baby products to take care of your little ones since they were newborns, the kids range is a great way to stick to safer products as your children record more notches on the height chart. That’s because we’ve carefully chosen plant and mineral based ingredients that are really kind to young skin.

Kids will also love the fruity zing and pear pop fragrances in the kids range, and the cool characters that steal the show on the front and back of the bottle.

Take Nabi the narwhal, for example – he’s the star of our Double Trouble Bubble Maker. He’d love to join the kids in popping a few bubbles, showing off a few dance moves and back flips.

And Moss the moa stands tall on our pear pop 3 n 1. He really wants to help save New Zealand’s native birds and bush so he can spend even more time building forts among the trees with his mates.

Check out this cool new range at or at your local supermarket.

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